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The Founding Story of BABA PAPA

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Nurturing Family Bonds Through Fashion

In the heart of Paris, a city teeming with art, culture and history, two kindred spirits, Camelia and Karen, found themselves on a transformative path that would give birth to BABA PAPA, a brand that celebrates the enduring ties of family, the allure of fashion, and the wanderlust of travel. United by their shared passions and a deep reverence for their fathers' iconic clothing pieces, Camelia and Karen set off on a journey that would leave an impressive mark on their lives and the lives of others.

Their story unfurled against the backdrop of Parisian cobblestone streets and the hallowed halls of academia, where Camelia and Karen, both pursuing their master's degrees in different disciplines at the same university, were brought together. A mutual friend played matchmaker, connecting Camelia, in search of a room to rent, with Karen, seeking a roommate. Little did they know that this serendipitous meeting would sow the seeds of a lifelong friendship and a shared creative vision.

Family for Life

At their first encounter, Camelia's choice of attire immediately caught Karen's eye - a knit wool sweater that once belonged to her baba, adorned with hues of maroon and beige, intricate stripes, and a rich texture that whispered tales of nostalgia and familial love. For Karen, who cherished her papa's name-embroidered fire department jackets, clothing was more than just fabric; it was a conduit for connection, a tangible link to her father that transcended physical distance. They immediately became inseparable.

Both Camelia and Karen, with their impeccable style and taste for unique pieces, found solace and inspiration in their fathers' wardrobes. Camelia's baba-inspired sweater became a symbol of comfort and empowerment, a reminder of her roots and the enduring love of her father. Similarly, Karen's affinity for her father's fire department jackets spoke of safety, love and an unbreakable bond.

Making A Home For Others

Rooted in their shared experiences of living far from home and yearning for deeper connections with their fathers, Camelia and Karen set out on a mission to cultivate relationships steeped in understanding, love and shared heritage. Their observation of a universal longing for familial bonds and healing within those relationships sparked the creation of BABA PAPA, a safe space where individuals could embark on their own journeys of expression, rediscovery and emotional healing.

While they were fortunate to have the presence of these loving and supportive fathers in their lives, Camelia and Karen recognized the complexities of familial dynamics and the challenges of bridging cultural and personal divides. Camelia's father's immigrant background and her own American upbringing sometimes created a disconnect, while Karen, who was adopted as a baby, dealt with the aftermath of her parents' divorce, navigating the evolving landscape of her relationship with her father.

Through BABA PAPA's offerings and heartfelt storytelling, Camelia and Karen seek to empower individuals to honor their fathers' legacies, forge new connections, heal past wounds and transcend the barriers of time and distance. From Camelia's vintage Iranian crested t-shirt and baba sweaters to Karen's embroidered fire department jackets and personalized handkerchiefs, each cherished item embodies the essence of family bonds and the power of shared heritage.

We Want To Make You (and our dads) Proud

United by a shared longing for deeper connections with their fathers and a fervent passion for design, Camelia and Karen joined forces to breathe life into BABA PAPA, a brand that stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, understanding, and the enduring legacy of family. Through their creative vision and unwavering dedication, they invite all to embrace the beauty of familial ties and embark on a journey of rediscovery and connection.

Talk to us! We want to know about your relationship with your dad. What do you appreciate about it? What would you like to improve? What would you like to heal from? Let’s get personal. We are here to serve you and this is a safe space. If you are shy, feel free to send us a message. Subscribe for more!

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